Comic 1008 - Special Page [034] - If There Would Be a Reboot... 2/2

7th Nov 2020, 5:21 PM
Special Page [034] - If There Would Be a Reboot... 2/2
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Author Notes:

xorneto 7th Nov 2020, 5:21 PM edit delete
SO what's what? Nashi is unchanged with the exception of her clothes (the art style is a bit changed so minor appearance differences are visible). The swords (all of them) on the other hand would be to appear in a more realistic look (the old ones are just easy to draw).

Taka gets an updated look without this 'geezer look' that is visible now (but his current look has a bit to do with to plot so here the appearance also means an update in the story. He still has his scars, so, you know, the past still was rough for him.

Allman is the only one who's appearance is almoust untouched. Only Batora gets a more realistic take.

I felt that Shirotora's main storyline clothing is actually lame, early sketches look promising for me but after a while i thought that it could be better.

Daikons spiky hair from time to time feel too spiky for me so just his hair style went into changes. The colors? Well, with Shirotora jumping to more 'Ghost Man' oriented colors i would give finally Daikon green (Taka's already the blue one).

Usagi's polite hairstyle ensured me that he isn't looking villainous at all. Kuma's changes are like Allman's. Kashmir... well, he actually got a more medieval-knight look. 2/2